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The Felted Dog

old wool never dies, it just gets felt up.

meanwhile, we still ship felting supplies and handmade items

See below for commonly ordered items. Drop us a line. We can work it out and send an invoice for credit card payment.

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Common items that we ship regularly

Single Felting Needles: $1 each


W keep four sizes.  The most common is the 38star.  These needles will fit into a Clover Felting tool.  Shipping depends on total order.

Clover Felting Tool: $15


Holds 3 needles.  Shipping will depend on total order.

Harrisville Fleece: $1 per .25oz


We have over 25 colors.  Just let me know what you need.  Shipping depends on total order.

Felting Foam Pad: $5


Shipping depends on total order.

Going Gnome Kits: various


W have gnomes, Santa, tree gnomes, owls, fox, hedgehogs, mushrooms and more.  Shipping depends on total order.

Felted Sky Kits: various


We have various landscapes, autumn leaves, rainbows, etc.  Shipping depends on total order.

Colorado or Texas Ball Kit: $12


Make your own Colorado or Texas  Flag ornament.  A great starter felting kit and good for all ages.  Shipping depends on total order.

Special Order Dog Bones: $20


Special order your own dog's name on a felted bone.  Shipping depends on total order..

Various Felted Ornaments: $15


Made to order, I have many shapes I can make:  labs, birds, bear, owls, moose,   Shipping depends on total order.

Simple Flowers: $3 or 4/$10


We can work out what colors you need.  All flowers are on brooch pins.  They  are unique, there are no duplicates.  Shipping depends on total order.

Felted Roses: $6


Hand-crocheted and felted wool rose on brooch pins.  I have various colors to choose from.  Shipping depends on total order.

BLING Flowers: $15


Brooch pins.  I have various colors to choose from.  Shipping depends on total o

Dog Walking Bags: $15


Felted bags hang off of dog leash and hold treats and poopie bags.  Shipping depends on total order.

Tracey's Special Purse: $50


This is Tracey's finest purse and our most popular.  It can be made in many colors and designs.  Shipping depends on total order..

Itty Bitty Bag: $22


We can make these in various color combinations.  Shipping depends on total or

Colorado or Texas Bags: various


Show your state pride with one of Tracey's own designs.  She can make these in various styles and sizes.  Prices range from $20 to $35.  Shipping depends on total order.

Felted Pumpkins: various


These pumpkins are crocheted and felted... each one is unique.  We can figure out sizes.  They range from $10 to $25.  Shipping depends on total order.

Sea Urchin Jellyfish: $15


Each ornament is made with an assortment of fibers and beads.  Shipping depends on total